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Easy Eligibility

Even if you have been declined in the past, or have a minor medical past, you still may be eligible for coverage with our program.

Instant Issue Policy

After you go through our application process successfully, you will be insured right away while we work on all the paperwork…

No Medical Exams

Relax, we do not send nurses to collect samples, we do not harass your doctor, we simply ask you some questions to determine if you are eligible.


is an excellent healthcare solution for minor illnesses and injuries.

We Provide
the following services


We provide X-Rays to determine the severity of your injury and the best possible treatment plan to get you back on your feet.

Basic lab testing:

Our lab is able to provide strep screens, blood work analysis, pregnancy tests, urinalysis, and other testing to answer your immediate health care concerns. We also perform COVID-19 Testing.


We utilize EKG testing to evaluate heart rhythm, abnormalities, and more. Our EKGs are administered quick and painlessly.

Laceration repair:

Need more than a Band-Aid? We provide laceration suturing and wound care for injuries that are not life threatening.

Fracture and Splint Care

Is it fractured or strained? Upon evaluation of your injury a splint or cast may be provided.

Breathing treatments

Treatments for asthma and respiratory illnesses are provided for breathing ailments that are not life threatening.

Antibiotic injections

Sometimes patients need a kick-start to recovery. We offer antibiotic injections to help them get to recovery quickly.

On-Site Pharmacy

Common prescription medicines are available right after your visit for convenience.

Providers and Staff

Edward Discoe, M.D.

Jeffrey Gotschall, MD

Luke P. Lemke, M.D.

Craig M. Pekny, M.D.

Mark Benesch, P.A.-C.

Greg Jacobs, P.A.-C

Tyler Maguire, P.A.-C.

Miranda Cebula, PA-C